First off, don't worry about playing a Sailor the ship is loaded with them.

All the players are loyal members of the Kingdom of Islaye off the Coast of Holy Empire or at least what is left of it.

After 800 years of being a client state of the Holy Empire 5 years ago Islaye announced its independence and hopes to keep it.  For the first time in 100's of years a Sailing ship was built in the Isles and all the party members are crew.  The vessel is more a part of the story and the intent is not to be about Sea battles but as the reason the party is traveling around the world.

Some notes on the game.

1) This will be a 5th Edition D&D Game with players starting out at 1st level

2) Each party members should be loyal to Islaye and have a reason be on this ship.

  1. Secretary to the Ambassador
  2.  Assistant Navigator
  3.  Squire to the Master of Arms
  4.  Apprentice to the Surgeon

What ever fits your character concept

 The game will include, politics, dungeon crawls, city and exploration.  We are playing D&D so do expect  combat and some hack and slash.

I hope to meet twice a month, I understand not everyone will make every game, my intent is to have between 4 and 6 players at each game session.  All races in the players handbook except Drow and Dragonborn are allowed, the world is 90% human though so they will usually have an easier time of things.  All the classes in the players's Handbook are allowed.  The game will be primarily player vrs environment so please do not make a character that is anti party or a traitor to Islaye.  Alignment to start should be LG, NG, CG or LN I tend to play alignment lightly unless you a holy class.





Voyage of the Intrepid

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