Holy Imperial Empire

 The Holy Imperial Empire is 1500 years old and was founded by Araonel Bramethean the 1st High Priest of Erathis Goddess of Civilization from the Great city of Temeral on the content Erathan.  For 500 years a holy War raged across the lands as the Imperial empire took control.  Araonel claimed the 9 (Demonic beings of power were awakened across the sea and the only chance Adrena  All interaction with the old lands was forbidden.

Supposedly Araonel lived for 500 years long enough to conquer the Southern 1/3 of the content and claim complete mastery of the Seas.  In fact the only vessels larger than small fishing crafts left at the time of his passing where part of the Imperial Holy Empire.  Araonel claimed that he would die on the day the 9 returned.  In the 1000 years since his death the Imperial Holy Navy has patrolled the lands preventing any ship from what has now just been called the land beyond the Sea from landing.  All the lands under Araonels control become monotheistic and forbid the warship of any deity other than Erathis.  For the next 200 years the empire made little headway in growing, it was not until the accords were passed that allowed other lands to keep their own dieties that the Holy Imperial Empire started growing again.  Outside of the Southern lands only about 30% of the population worships Erathis, however within the Southern Lands this number is closer to 98% and with the exception of ambassoadors and merchant/trade business no one would admit to worshipping anyone else.

For the last 700 hundred years ago line of Bramethean declared themselves god touched and would only marry within the family, this has resulted in a smaller and smaller imperial family and for the last 200 years the line is nearly non existant with only 1 or 2 children in most families making it to adult hood.  15 years ago a plague wiped out most of the Imperial family and when the Emperor died his nearest paternal relative was was the great grandson of his Great Grand Fathers Brother who had become steward of the northern lands.  In fact his descendent was the King of Norand Arnel Brame as only those who worship Erathis may have the name Bramethean. To make matters worse he is a cleric of Helm ( 60% of the north warship the gods of the Forgotten Realms).  To the south this was simply unbearable that anyone not a Bramethean not a worshipper of Erathis could be Emporer.  In fact they claimed his faith made it impossible for him to hold the title and clamed that Elsorn Bramethean current high priest of Erathis was the righful heir to the imperial title.

The north rallied around Arnel, the south around Elsorn and a civil war raged for over a decade.   Many of the smaller kingdoms bound within the Holy Imperial Empire have declared their independence during the decade of turmoil including the island of Islaye. Within the last few months a treaty was signed splititing the lands between the newly independent kingdoms, but more importantly the north under Arnel as the Imperial Empire and the South under Elsorn as the Holy Empire but the peace is fragile and many expect war to break out again.

Holy Imperial Empire

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