Tholi Erfik

A dwarvern cleric, navigator, and explorer


Tholi Erfik
Dwarven cleric of Marthammor Duin
Class: Cleric 1 (Rank title: A Watchful Eye); Experience Points: 0
Race: Hill Dwarf; Background: Acolyte; Alignment: Lawful Good
Initiative: + 1; Speed: 25 (not affected by heavy armor); Proficiency: + 2
Armor Class: 18 (chain mail + shield); Hit Points: 21; Hit Dice: 1d8 plus 4
Strength: 10 (+ 0), Dexterity: 13 (+ 1), Constitution: 16 (+ 3),
Intelligence: 10 (+ 0), Wisdom: 16 (+ 3), Charisma: 10 (+ 0)

27 pt buy:
15 Wis (9) = 16 (for +3), from Hill Dwarf
14 Con (7) = 16 (for +3), from Dwarf
10 Str (2) (for +0)
13 Dex (5) (for +1)
10 Int (2) (for +0)
10 Cha (2) (for +0)

- Saves: Charisma, Wisdom, Adv on saving throws vs. poison; resistance against poison damage
- Skills: Insight (cleric); Religion (cleric); Survival (divine domain); Nature (acolyte); Perception (acolyte)
- Languages: Common, Dwarvish, 2nd language TBD
- Armor: Proficient with light, medium, heavy, shields
- Weapons: Proficient with all simple weapons, battleaxe, handaxe, throwing hammer, warhammer
- Tools: Navigator’s tools, from dwarf; Cobbler’s tools, from acolyte; 2nd language, from acolyte

Feats: N/A
Background Features: Shelter of the Faithful
Class Features: Spellcasting, Divine Domain
Race Features: Darkvision to 60’, Stonecunning

Equipment: Chain Mail (55 lb), Shield with holy symbol emblem (6 lb), quarterstaff – an ornately carved walking stick (4 lb), warhammer (2 lb), Explorer’s Pack [Backpack (5), Bedroll (7), Tinderbox (1), 10 Torches (10), Mess Kit (1), 10 Days Rations (20), Waterskin (5), 50’ Hempen Rope (10)], prayer book, (5) 5 sticks of incense, vestments, common clothes 4), 15 gp pouch. 130.5 lbs total (71 without backpack)

Spellcasting, based on wisdom (includes ritual casting, using holy symbol)
Divine domain: Nature

At 2nd level, 3 cantrips known and 3 1st level spell slots

Shillelagh 1 bonus action; range touch; VSM; duration 1 minute. The wood of a club or a quarterstaff is imbued with nature’s power. For the duration, use spellcasting ability instead of STR for attack and damage of melee attacks with weapon. Dmg die = 1d8. Weapon is magical.

Guidance 1 action; range touch; VS; duration – concentration, up to 1 minute. (+1d4 on ability check),

Sacred Flame 1 action; range 60’; VS; duration instant. 1d8 radiant damage unless target makes dex save; creature cannot use cover; scales with level…

Spare the Dying 1 action; range touch; VS; duration instant. instant stabilize the dying,

1st level: (4 spells per long rest)
Cure Wounds 1 action; range touch; VS; duration instant. (Heal 1d8 +3); scales with spell slot

Sanctuary 1 bonus action’ range 30;; VSM; duration 1 minute. Attacker must make wisdom save to attack targeted creature (so long as they don’t attack).

Healing Word 1 bonus action; rang 60’; V; duration – instant. (Heal 1d4 +3); scales with spell slot

Inflict Wounds 1 action; range touch; VS; duration instant. Melee spell attack, on hit 3d10 necrotic; scales with spell slot

Speak with Animals and Animal Friendship are always prepared.

Channel Divinity 1/rest, Divine Domain feature
- Present holy symbol and invoke the name of deity. Each beast or plant creature that can see you within 30 feet of you must make Wis saving throw. If fails, charmed by you for 1 minute or until it takes damage. While charmed, friendly to you and other creatures you designate.


Background Characteristics
- Background: Acolyte
- Role on ship: Assistant Navigator
- Ideal: Faith. “I trust that my deity will guide my actions. I have faith that if I work hard, things will go well.” (from acolyte)
- Bond: “My older brother, Thorhrun, has always been my best friend growing up. He is so skilled and smart. I’ll never be as smart as him, but I want so much to make him and my parents and mentor proud of me.” (custom)
- Flaw: “In the temple, you listen to the High Old Ones, and older priests. Even though they don’t have clerical gifts, and may not have Marthammor’s special blessing. I follow orders even if I think they’re wrong."
- Personality Traits: (1) “I see omens in every event or action. The gods try to speak to us, we just need to listen. (from acolyte). (2) Nothing can shake my optimistic attitude.

Backstory: When she was born with the golden eyes considered a blessing of the Watchful Eye, there was no question that Tholi would be trained as a cleric. The hill dwarves city has many priests, but only currently two clerics – herself and her mentor, Yurkas Valdar.

She has served as an apprentice to Yurkas, and as an acolyte in the temple her whole life. She studied the craft and exploration lore. She makes shoes for travelers, and burns used travelling shoes in Morthammor’s rituals.

The hill dwarf community on Islaye is part of a kingdom of hill dwarves with its largest settlements on the Northern part of the main continent. Tholi and her brother are minor nobles within that larger kingdom (Belral).

When the hill dwarves learned of the human’s interest in building a ship, the community rallied to help in a variety of ways, from helping to smuggle metal and iron, to learning ship-buliding and carpentry – like her brother, Thorhrun, to studying the old star charts and sea maps and navigation tools, as she was assigned. She has a natural intuitive talent for navigation.

The hill dwarves found that the high-born humans responded best to a delegation that included their own noble children.

Tholi Erfik

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