A large island off of the coast of the mainland about about 400 miles north to south and 125 miles east to west.

Other than the large harbor at Wexland most of the coast is very rocky and the seas around the island extremely treacherous.   The island posts a population of nearly 2 million with 1/5 of them living in the city of Wexland.

The island is famous for both the the sheep and orchards sadly other than this the island is very short of resources and depends on imports from the mainland for metals and even most wood as very little outside of orchards remains on the island.

Islaye was never officially conquered by the Imperial Holy Army but over 800 years ago the last sailing vessels were sunk and the island became under control of the Empire even though the local Royal family remained in charge.  Five years ago the island declared its independence during the civil war and has negotiated treaties with both the Imperial and Holy Empire.

Over the last 3 years Islaye smuggled in enough wood to build the first Gaellon not part of the Empires navy.  The bad news is once it became known wood imports have become nearly impossible to get.

People of Note:

Royal Family

His Magisty L'Ark Elsent Chosen of the Dragon

Prince Mason Elsent Defender of the Realm Comander of all the Armies younger brother to the king.

High Nobels

Archduke Curan Hilsford Most powerful nobel in the lands, controls the southern 1/4 except for the capital city of Islay and all nobles in the area report to him.

Archduke Percival  Peartee 2nd most powerful noble in Islaye controls the eastern 1/4 of the island.

Archduke Seral Shepingtons 3rd most powerful Nobel, controls the western part of the island of Islaye

Archduke Balen Tanner 4th most powerful noble controls the northern lands of Islaye.

Other People of Importance

Raden Hilsford Great uncle of Curan Hillsford and noted historian assigned to the Intrepeted.

Captian Tran Hillsford, 2nd son of Curan Hillsford in charge of the kings gaurd


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